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Globle Concept

Introducing Globle

Globle is a platform that fully democratizes the development, funding, abd management if new project and ideas. It is a decentralized means of building new businesses, a platform which is run and owned equally by all its users. All profits generated by Globle users are distributed between project contributors and the rest of Globle users, providing a potential universal basic income (UBI) to all.

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The Technology

Globle is built on Ethereun blockchain, and all decomocratic processes on globle will be run on smart contracts. The Globle Coin (GBC), Globle's own digital currency, will be the world's first crptocurrency to have a dynamic and varying supply of coins that is issued by a fully automated and incorruptible smart contract, self-stabilizing the currency and re ducing high volatility as seen in other cryptocurren cies. This makes Globle Coin the first and only co tender to become a true world currency that is widely traded and adopted on a global scale.

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