Today's Innovation
Model is Broken

“Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything.”

- Cris Sacca, venture capitalist

In today's world, ideas are hard to realize. For an idea to thrive and to be brought to fruition, many other factors that are entirely unrelated to the actuall quality of the idea itself are necessary, These may include having extraordinary drive, determination, and perseverance; an uinnate ability to hire great teams and manage theml and access to capital or an ability to raise money.

The overhelming majority of great ideas are not being realized, not because they lack in quality, but because of other unrelated factors. Therefore, innovation is severely hampered.

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The world needs a new model for innovation, innovation, in which as soon as a great idea is thought of, it gets paired automatically with the optimal team and funding resources, regardless of whom its originators are, and then immediately gets implemented and is on the path to fruition.

Globle concept

Introducing Globle

Globle is a platform that fully democratizes the creations, development, funding, and management of new projects and ideas. As an idea grows on the Globle platform, it goes through six stage of development, with the final outcome being the optimal realization of the idea:

Globle project timeline

A crowdfunding campaign is lauched to finance the development of the project, with raised funds stored in a projet wallet, viewable by all team members and investors.

Execution is a given.
Everything is in the idea.

The entire process through which ideas go from concept to reality is fully democratized. Ideas are submitted by the public, funded by the public, run by the public, and owned by the public.

Globle collective

A Real Shared Economy,
Owned by the world

Globle will be a real shared economy, owned equally by all its users. Anyone can create a account and become a Globle user, entirely free of charge.

Contributors to projects, such as project creators, leads and team members will be fairly rewarded with the funds raised throught crowdsales, as well as royalties on projects when they start to generate profits. Investors receive project tokens, which give them voting rights and a share of profits as well.

The rest of the profits will be funneled back to the platform. All such profits generated by Globle will then be redistributed equally to all its users, in the form of a basic income.

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