The Technology
Behind Globle

Globle will be a fully decentralized platform run on the blockchain, and all decentralized process on Globle will be automated by smart contracts. These include, but are not limited to: the validation of new project ideas by Globle users; the election and employment of project leads and team members; the inssurance of virtual tokens for project crowdsaled; the supervision and governance of projects by their investors; the redistribution of profits to project contributors and the Globle community as a whole.


All funds raised through crowdfunding campaigns on Globle will be transferred to their respective project wallets, which will keep track of how funds are being disbursed by their teams, and will be fully transaperent to investors, This makes it easy for investors to monitor projects that they have invested in and minimizes the risk of funds being used fraudulently or for other unrealated purposes.

Globle Coin, the Platform's
Native Currency

Globle is built on Ethereun blockchain, and all decomocratic processes on globle will be run on smart contracts. The Globle Coin (GBC), Globle's own digital currency, will be the world's first crptocurrency to have a dynamic and varying supply of coins that is issued by a fully automated and incorruptible smart contract, self-stabilizing the currency and re ducing high volatility as seen in other cryptocurren cies. This makes Globle Coin the first and only co tender to become a true world currency that is widely traded and adopted on a global scale.

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